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Guess who’s coming to dinner…

table setting for post


It’s the little things. Whether you’ve put forth the effort to whip up a three course meal worthy of Julia and invited a bevy of guests – or you are having a simple Sunday supper – a properly set table will elevate your gathering.
1) Start with the Basic Table Setting – it is your foundation – this setting is fitting for most occasions and can be built upon as the event formality is elevated.
2) First the dinner plate is positioned in the center then the flatware is arranged around the plate in the order it will be used – the fork is placed to the left, the knife is placed to the right of the plate with the blade facing the plate and the spoon is placed to the right of the knife. A water glass goes above the knife.
3) Now step it up – if a salad is to be served then place the salad fork outside the dinner fork. Salad and bread and butter plates go to the left of the forks. White and red wine glasses are positioned to the left of the water glass. If you are serving a soup – place the bowl on the plate and the soup spoon to the right of the dinner spoon.
4) The bones of your table are there but dress up the look with a charger under the dinner plate and a low centerpiece. Your flowers should never be above 10-12 inches – you want your guests to be able to chat without leaning around a tall bouquet.
5) Napkins can be placed under the forks for an informal setting – but when you take things formal go the extra mile by trying a fancy fold or incorporating your napkin rings with a sprig of greenery.
A lovely table sets the mood for your dinner party – don’t skimp on this step. A properly set table is the first step to a truly enjoyable meal.




You fancy, huh?

So homecoming 2014 is fast approaching and the dress choices are too much to comprehend – shake it off – you’ve got this. Sure everyone is still showing the Cinderella dress, the high/low dress and the requisite little cut-out number that is unlikely to make it past parental approval – but come on – you can step up your style and knock their socks off.

1) First are the throw-back choices that read like a walk through the decades – these styles have been reimagined for 2014 and are sure to bring the stands to their feet.
The Forties Floral – this look is all about that waist – cinched with an exaggerated sleeve translated in a
retro floral pattern – channel Veronica Lake and break out your hot rollers for some vintage waves – pair with great costume diamonds and before the night is over you may just have a tiara to complete the look.
The Sixties Mod Shift – sure this classic silhouette may not seem like much but it lends itself to your bang, bang – add a stack of bangles, a statement necklace and edgy ankle boots and you’ve made it your own.
The Seventies Graphic – think Missoni’s iconic print – break free with this look – it can be found in a maxi or a short flirty baby doll dress with a keyhole neck – careful with this one though – don’t pair with boots or you’ll look like you’ve dressed for a costume party – make dancing the night away easy and wear your ballet flats.

2) The Checkered or Plaid Print evokes a London school girl feel – boom clap this look and make it punk rock with a leather jacket or motorcycle boots

3) Go glam in Metallic Mini – this glossy fad was ubiquitous on the runways – from shiny dresses to slick accessories – you’re sure to turn heads and be on trend with this look.

4) Embrace your Inner Girly-Girl in a coquettish A-line – the best thing about this shape is it flatters all body types – go for a bright color – almost every designer showed power pastels for fall.

5) Lace – you can take this look from short, sweet, and frilly all the way to a granny-chic maxi – it works to suit every style – you can break out your motorcycle boots here to edge things up or go with it and pair with your high heel pumps and bright lips.

6) Polka-Dots and Stars – start a fire and shut it down with either print – polka dots for fall were all over Marc Jacobs show – they never go out of style and today’s translation is leaning neutral which is always chic. Stars – over the moon for this pattern – it is unexpected, has all the features of the polka dot – but you are less likely to run in to yourself on the dance floor.
You have two hands, one beating heart – you’ll be alright – don’t make this harder than it has to be – pick a dress that fits your style and rock it out!

Do Knot be afraid of the Skinny Tie…

skinny tie


Don’t fool yourself – the skinny tie is not a furnishing reserved for hipsters. Nope – the skinny tie has been around – it has stood the test of ins and outs – spanned Connery to Mad Men to Timberlake. The skinny tie should be in the lineup in every man’s closet. Initially you may think of the skinny tie as the formal go to player but you can call this one up off the bench for informal occasions as well. The secret is in the knot. You can go one of four ways with the skinny tie knot.

1) Casual – aim to keep the knot loose and asymmetric for a laid-back look.

2) The four-in-hand knot – this is a standard, simple knot that works well with skinny ties.

3) The half-windsor – this is a smaller and less bulky knot than the traditional Windsor yet still stylish.

4) Last but not least – if you really want to shake things up try an exotic knot – the Eldredge – this knot works best with solids or patterns – as far as venues go save this knot for celebratory – it’s complex and better served in that setting.


So if you’ve been rocking this look for a while – try a new way of tying it…and if you’ve reserved judgment – take the leap and buy your first one – you’re sure to get plenty of compliments!


Stripes and Dots after Labor Day…We Can Do It!



While we typically think of polka dots in candy color spring and summer pastels and stripes can harken to the days of Audrey in her summer boat neck sweater – these two prints are easily translated to fall fashions. It may seem obvious but truly the trick is to move into the next season gracefully – taking color and pattern into account. This fall, fashion goes for stripes, dots and stunning graphic prints – they are everywhere from ready-to-wear to accessories.
1) News flash – what’s black and white and red all over…stripes! Break the story in big, thick magic marker prints.
2) Stroke of genius – horizontal and vertical are certainly still on trend but a stripe can take the form of chevron or zebra – rock this out in unexpected color combinations – just by removing white as the base color you transpose the look for fall.
3) Dot, dot, dot – don’t think Julia at the polo match in the ubiquitous brown and white dress – switch up the polka dot in contrasting hues – here again when white is extracted from the palette in polka dots you’ve opened the door to this pattern’s wear-ability in the cooler seasons.
4) Spot on – polka dots do not have to be an all-over pattern – try a solid sweater with a smattering of dots – groupings of three will make your point.
5) Circle up – try the polka dot trend in an outerwear piece – what better to brighten a gray day than a swing trench featuring droplets of color.
There you have it – stripes and polka dots aren’t going anywhere because they are classic – so just like you no longer pack away your white jeans when the clock strikes midnight on labor day – with the right cut, color and pattern configuration you can wear these timeless prints year-round.

Costume Design and Alterations

Costume Design Pompano BeachGrandma doesn’t sew anymore and mom never did! When Benjamin’s in Pompano Beach comes to the rescue for that special Halloween costume, everyone feels great and plans on having a party that will make the news! Costume design is an art that we know. Maybe you need a costume for your office party or your teen needs to look like Abraham Lincoln for a school play in his upcoming role in the High School drama to be presented. Can we help? Of course we can because at Benjamin’s our service to you is our mission.

Civil War costumes or one that would thrill Cleopatra are just a few costume designs that allow you to rely on Benjamin’s for the right look for the right occasion. Specializing in costume design is one of the many services we offer so let your imagination run wild this Halloween and we will make the costume everyone raves about for months to come. Benjamin’s is not just an alterations shop…we have a talented staff that gives service to the community.

If you have an upcoming church play and need costumes, let us help you welcome any religious season. Costume design requires attention to detail and we are prepared to give you the finest designs for the season.

Don’t let the need for a costume make you sing the blues, just call us and stop by. Benjamin’s is a well-established shop with expertise in costume design and service. Whether you need to say Trick or Treat, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday, America, we will outfit you in the costume of your choosing.

Quince Dress Alterations

Quince Dress Alterations Pompano BeachYour Quince dress is the perfect color for you, but the only problem is the fit. It could fit better so you can look amazing at your party. Benjamin’s in Pompano Beach invites you to come in for the Quince Dress alterations that will add the perfect finishing touches to your sophisticated look.

Since your special day means your advancement into womanhood, you want to look like the young woman you imagine you can be. Benjamin’s Quince Dress alterations will give you that awesome look and set you above the crowd of other guests. Astounding results will happen when your dress is fitted by the staff of Benjamin’s.

Family and friends will see you differently as your celebrate in a Quince dress that is rich and luxurious…the bonus is the way it fits. You’re not a little girl anymore and style and fashion are very important to you. The seamstresses at Benjamin’s work hard to do your Quince dress alterations with precision and expertise to create your masterpiece. Their years of skilled craftsmanship make them the answer to obtaining the perfect fit of your dress.

Your formal day and your formal dress will leave memories that will last a lifetime. Your friends will be in awe at how you have managed your party down to the last stitch of your Quince Dress alterations. Let them know that the service we provided can be provided for them as well.

The alterations we offer are not only a big part of your day, but our services are some you will rely on for those other formal occasions in your life! We are Benjamin’s in Pompano Beach and we are at your service!

Prom Dress Alterations

Prom Dress Alterations Pompano BeachIt is not a problem if that perfect prom dress is not so perfect in the fit because the seamstresses at Benjamin’s in Pompano Beach exceed in Prom Dress alterations.  Whether it is the hem of your long gown or the corset top of your mini dress, we can make your dress fit as though it were custom made just for you.

If that pink gown is the one for you and it is slightly big, get it and let us take care of the alterations. Prom dresses will be altered according to your body and you will dance the night away knowing you look divine! You might need a little bit of easement around the waist….we are your go-to tailor shop for Prom Dress alteration.

Layers of netting are no problem for us to alter and neither are those wonderful corset tops with chunky beads that will sparkle as you make your moves on the dance floor. For prom or homecoming, your dress will need to fit well so that you can enjoy the time you spend in it…dancing, raising your arms, or leaning over the table…the fit must be done right!

Service and expertise are the words on everyone’s lips when they refer you to us at Benjamin’s in Pompano Beach. We will help you make the most of your formal occasion.  Just bring your prom dress in for a fitting and leave the rest to us. We know how to take care of you and the dress that will make you glow.

So for your Prom or Homecoming Dress Alterations, please call us and stop in!

How To Postpone A Wedding

weddingHow To Postpone A Wedding

Ah wedded bliss…on the horizon…the dress is ordered, the florist ad caterer scheduled and then…for whatever
reason you and your betrothed decide to postpone the wedding. With invitations already in the mail – this is no longer
just about you and your issue of delay. You must let people know. When a wedding is cancelled or rescheduled – you
can contact guests in the following manner depending on their relation to you.

  1.  Printed cards with wording such as:
    Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smith
    announce that the marriage of their daughter
    Suzy Smith
    Jack Spratt
    will not take place/has been postponed.
  2. You may choose to send a handwritten note – in which case the information contained within regarding the
    reasoning for the postponement would – by nature – be more personal.
  3. And last – as painful as it may be – some invited guests/friends/family members deserve a phone call – in
    this case there is one exception to the relation reference – if you have guests traveling long distances you
    must call them as soon as possible to notify them of the change in plans.

Although difficult and stressful – when handled with grace this process will ultimately make moving forward far easier.