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The long and the Shorts of it…

cocktail shorts 2

RSVP – it’s party time and you’re excited to get the nod…then you examine that invite closely – festive attire, dressy casual, informal, casual – ugh what do they mean!?! If you’re considering shorts for your gathering – take heed there are some guidelines.
1) Garden party – most may appear in their sundress finery but good for you for going rogue – just make sure you’re keeping with the theme and eschew the cutoffs. Make a splash in a bright color and be aware of your top – if you are sporting a three inch yellow and white polka dot pair – wear that elbow length, round neck lemon applique sweater you’ve hung unto for just this occasion.
2) Cocktails – Shorts are showing up on the runway in all configurations – opt for the billowy silk, sassy sequin style or flirty lace style and pair with a great heel – bam, you’ve highlighted your gams just the same as if you were sporting a short skirt.
3) Company picnic – don’t stray from the conservative – you may have the best stems in the business but this is not the venue to risk a booty shot – stick with your khaki shorts and go for at least a five inch length pairing with flats or tennis shoes depending on the outdoor activity options.
4) GNO – this is the outing where the hot pants make an appearance – if you’re feeling brave parade those leather shorts with some rockin’ heels – you worked for those legs show them off. Feeling a little self-conscious…that’s okay you can garner a similar style with bold wool shorts, tights and booties.
Without a doubt designers have shown that shorts can be a spectacular substitute for the mini. Embrace the trend and know that this piece can come off the jogging trail – it is no longer just a match for the task at hand

All that Glitters

Alterations in Pompano Beach
All that Glitters

All that glitters is not golden…
I’m all for a little well-placed dazzle but there are times that you need to step away from the sparkle, dangle and shine. Believe me – I get the saying, she who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten. But there are times you need to dull your light – figuratively of course – never spiritually!

1) On the job – save those stunning, flashy heels for another time of day. The office environment – regardless of the casual, funky nature is really not the venue for shimmer – save it.

2) First dates – okay – this one is dicey – he asked you out because he likes who you are…but head to toe sparkle is a little much. You can throw in a piece here and there – maybe pair the sequin skirt with a more casual top or dial in the flashy heels – but keep your ensemble neutral and muted.

3) Meeting the in-laws….you may think – hey, they should get to know the real me – why try to hide my light….well, I get the thought process – but consider things from their perspective and tone it down.

4) A funeral – leave the dangly earrings at home – this is a somber occasion and not the time to insist on drawing attention to yourself. Unless you are celebrating the zeitgeist and style of the deceased because they believed that there can never be enough glitz and glamour….just don’t.

I know, I know – every girl was born with glitter in her veins and we should never, ever let anyone dull our sparkle.

Sock it to me…

socks post


Colorful, patterned – with personality is the new black. Thanks to new sock companies like Stance and Happy Socks – men are winning at the sock game. No longer are the fellas exiled to the boring section of men’s furnishings – sorting through black, gray and navy ribbed socks.

1) If you are going for a very formal look – wear black socks with a black suit or navy with navy.

2) For every day wear – you can match your socks to your slacks – but stay away from matching your socks to your shoes – it will look like you have on booties…then again – if you are sporting your desert boots – your sock choice is not a huge concern.

3) Socks can go rogue – I know a guy who matches his socks to the event – for example heart socks for weddings, holiday socks, etc. – this is where you can make a personal statement. As long as the sock is in the same color family as the rest of your suiting. You might choose to pick up the spectrum from your tie – or you can go for another color altogether – just make sure it’s in line with your overall tone.

4) This goes without saying – but make sure the socks you’ve selected match each other and have no visible holes.

5) Dress socks for men should go to the knee. This may seem old fashioned but have you ever been at a meeting across from the guy whose socks are too short – resulting in a flash of hairy white skin between the sock and the suit? Distracting. Not recommended.

Socks are not necessarily the furnishing most men thing of first – but they can really elevate a boring suit. Kick up your heels and try something new.

Do Knot be afraid of the Skinny Tie…

skinny tie


Don’t fool yourself – the skinny tie is not a furnishing reserved for hipsters. Nope – the skinny tie has been around – it has stood the test of ins and outs – spanned Connery to Mad Men to Timberlake. The skinny tie should be in the lineup in every man’s closet. Initially you may think of the skinny tie as the formal go to player but you can call this one up off the bench for informal occasions as well. The secret is in the knot. You can go one of four ways with the skinny tie knot.

1) Casual – aim to keep the knot loose and asymmetric for a laid-back look.

2) The four-in-hand knot – this is a standard, simple knot that works well with skinny ties.

3) The half-windsor – this is a smaller and less bulky knot than the traditional Windsor yet still stylish.

4) Last but not least – if you really want to shake things up try an exotic knot – the Eldredge – this knot works best with solids or patterns – as far as venues go save this knot for celebratory – it’s complex and better served in that setting.


So if you’ve been rocking this look for a while – try a new way of tying it…and if you’ve reserved judgment – take the leap and buy your first one – you’re sure to get plenty of compliments!