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How To Postpone A Wedding

weddingHow To Postpone A Wedding

Ah wedded bliss…on the horizon…the dress is ordered, the florist ad caterer scheduled and then…for whatever
reason you and your betrothed decide to postpone the wedding. With invitations already in the mail – this is no longer
just about you and your issue of delay. You must let people know. When a wedding is cancelled or rescheduled – you
can contact guests in the following manner depending on their relation to you.

  1.  Printed cards with wording such as:
    Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smith
    announce that the marriage of their daughter
    Suzy Smith
    Jack Spratt
    will not take place/has been postponed.
  2. You may choose to send a handwritten note – in which case the information contained within regarding the
    reasoning for the postponement would – by nature – be more personal.
  3. And last – as painful as it may be – some invited guests/friends/family members deserve a phone call – in
    this case there is one exception to the relation reference – if you have guests traveling long distances you
    must call them as soon as possible to notify them of the change in plans.

Although difficult and stressful – when handled with grace this process will ultimately make moving forward far easier.


golf attire postIn golf technology has changed both the way a player plays, as well as the way we look. The game of golf demands that style blend with functionality. You can look fabulous in that crazy ensemble – but can you play? Assuming you want to be able to hang with your foursome – you will want to take a look at what you are wearing on the links. Throughout the evolution of golf fashion – think Hogan in a sweater vest to Fowler in his Sunday orange – for the amateur the spirit of golf attire has remained the same – businesslike.

1. First you will want to make sure you are complying with the rules of the course you at which you are playing. Once your tee-times are made – take a look at their website there will be clear instructions regarding dress – this typically prohibits denim in any form – which is amusing…who can swing in a pair of jeans.

2. Think about who you will be playing with – are they close friends? Business associates? Potential clients?

3. Take into account the weather conditions – bring along layers in cooler climates and your raingear on the day you’re playing with the friend that won’t give up in any condition

4. Ladies – at most courses women are asked to wear blouses with sleeves or sleeveless blouses with collars – but the polo shirt remains the standard. You don’t have to feel like you are in a style rut – there are so many great looking options out there today – you can comply with the etiquette and still show you are a fashionista while sinking that putt!

5. Last – but not least – the most important item you should include is sunscreen – men…even if you are wearing a hat – be sure to load up and remember the tops of your ears!