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Colorful, patterned – with personality is the new black. Thanks to new sock companies like Stance and Happy Socks – men are winning at the sock game. No longer are the fellas exiled to the boring section of men’s furnishings – sorting through black, gray and navy ribbed socks.

1) If you are going for a very formal look – wear black socks with a black suit or navy with navy.

2) For every day wear – you can match your socks to your slacks – but stay away from matching your socks to your shoes – it will look like you have on booties…then again – if you are sporting your desert boots – your sock choice is not a huge concern.

3) Socks can go rogue – I know a guy who matches his socks to the event – for example heart socks for weddings, holiday socks, etc. – this is where you can make a personal statement. As long as the sock is in the same color family as the rest of your suiting. You might choose to pick up the spectrum from your tie – or you can go for another color altogether – just make sure it’s in line with your overall tone.

4) This goes without saying – but make sure the socks you’ve selected match each other and have no visible holes.

5) Dress socks for men should go to the knee. This may seem old fashioned but have you ever been at a meeting across from the guy whose socks are too short – resulting in a flash of hairy white skin between the sock and the suit? Distracting. Not recommended.

Socks are not necessarily the furnishing most men thing of first – but they can really elevate a boring suit. Kick up your heels and try something new.