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Wedding Dress Alterations

Wedding Gown Alterations in Pompano Beach Benjamin’s knows that the wedding in all its glory is a tribute to you and your beautiful love and that’s why we offer services for wedding dress alterations to allow you all the glamour you desire. Getting ready for your wedding is a roller coaster ride of emotions and weight for every young bride. Will everything turn out right? Let us help comfort you and assure you and your wedding party will look amazing for that big wedding.

Have you thought about scheduling a fitting party at Benjamin’s? We love to assist everyone in the wedding with custom fitting. Call us so we can schedule the best time for everyone and then let our expert seamstresses and tailors stitch your garments to give that professional and immaculate look to all of you.

Your bridesmaids dress alterations mean they will have a fit that makes them happy to wear the dress you have chosen and to be with you on your special day. Wedding gown alterations is an art easily accomplished when you come to us.

Your wedding dress alterations can frighten even the most confident bride; however at Benjamin’s we can give you the service that will provide assurance that your gown is in the best hands! Your wedding dress alterations in Pompano Beach must be at Benjamin’s so you can keep that smile on your lips!

When your big wedding is over, what happens next? Benjamin’s wants to preserve your glorious wedding gown for a young lady who might be in your dreams. We pride ourselves on wedding gown preservation and we are also experts in preserving any formal wear. Remember, when you look back on the big wedding, your wedding dress will bring a rush of romance to your mind and your heart! Let your emotions and memories live on when you allow us to part of the process.

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Alterations Pompano BeachWe provide alterations for men, women and children. Let us repair and/or mend your: original jean hems, formal wear, bathing suits, uniforms and any other garment in need of work. We also offer meticulous specialty repairs, including zippers. No job is too big or too small for our talented staff!

With the busy world we live in, you may not always have time to handle simple alterations for yourself, your family or your home…and that is when you can depend on our alteration services to give all the professional attention to your items that is needed for that perfect look. From clothing alterations and tailoring to custom home alterations such as decorative pillows and window treatments, our experienced staff knows how to repair your items and make them look like new.

There is no job too big or too small…Benjamin’s is the perfect place to bring your broken zipper, the hem that has come loose, or those buttons on your favorite leather coat that need to be sewn back on with a professional touch. Jeans that need hemming often cause your teen to turn into a monster, but the perfect measuring of the hems will make your kid look good among his or her friends.

Some alteration jobs may seem hopeless to our way of thinking, but Benjamin’s quality alterations are attainable with a quick trip to our Pompano Beach shop. Alterations at this shop means the finest tailoring to the most simple tasks such as button replacement. Our staff wants your new bathing suit to fit your figure and your party costume to bewitch your friends. These quality services are the promise at Benjamin’s!

Tailors and seamstresses at our shop in Pompano Beach always provide satisfaction and peace of mind for you when you rely on their craft. They not only custom fit your clothes as weight changes, but they can make your garment fit your lifestyle.

From buttons and zippers to a custom-fitted formal, at Benjamin’s we exceed your expectations with our fine art of tailoring and personal services which are qualities never forgotten at Benjamin’s.

Window Treatments

Searching for a new look for your home or accessorizing your brand new home? Employ Benjamin’s to provide that extra special touch for your window treatments.

We at Benjamin’s know that comfort and style reflect who you are…showing your lifestyle and incorporating trends into your home are major parts of our window treatment business. We are proud to be a distributor of Hunter Douglas Window fashions and we can surely meet all your window treatment needs. At Benjamin’s in Pompano Beach, we want to provide any service you need from the full home job to the side panels and dressings for those French doors.

Hunter Douglas offers a full line of blinds, shutters and shades while Benjamin’s staff is also capable of creating window dressings in the fabric of your choice. From lined draperies to glorious sheer panels that bring an elegant look to your rooms, window treatment in Pompano Beach has never been easier to obtain.

When you want the color experts at Benjamin’s to advise you in planning your home décor, it is merely a phone call away from getting started. The trained staff will help you see the whole picture for your remake or upgrade and then you can go forward with confidence that your castle will be your go to place at the end of each day.

Benjamin’s offers custom window treatments and consultation in our Pompano Beach shop. There you will meet the experts who will come to your home to do accurate measurements and professional installations of your chosen products. Living in an age of great competition, we at Benjamin’s know that creating the best for you in service and product will serve your needs and keep us above and beyond the ordinary businesses. Our personal touches will make your home a palace.

Linen & Pillows

Custom Made Pillows Pompano BeachProvide your own fabric, and we will craft the accessory you desire. Pillows, bedding, cushions… just about anything you can think of! And if you need assistance before purchasing the fabric, we will gladly assist you with yardage and material estimates.

When you just can’t find the comforter and shams you picture in your mind, shop for the fabric that will complete your dreams and then let Benjamin’s in Pompano Beach make your fantasy a reality. Your custom linens say YOU! At Benjamin’s we pride ourselves on providing that personal service that goes above and beyond that offered by others in the field of alterations.

Our staff will do the measuring for your custom made linens and help you as you finish a fresh look for your boudoir and custom made pillows for your sofa. Suddenly your take on the role of a designer and with Benjamin’s help you are successful. You choose your favorite fabrics from anywhere and we do the rest! Benjamin’s in Pompano Beach is the name to trust. We feel that we offer the best to you for custom made linens which are crafted to let you show off your style.

Just imagine yourself in a world of color that you have personally chosen…your bedrooms and all your living areas beautifully support your tastes and flair. If you are waiting for a little one, let us help with all the unique linens you have in mind. Precious touches will soothe you as rock that child in a room specifically decorated for him or her.

Employ us to follow that child with custom linens and custom pillows for each stage of life. From baby to toddler and childhood to teen, we can embellish your style with our expertise in making custom linens part of your world. Remember our staff can measure your linen needs with expertise… years of tailoring has made it possible to create a sublime looking finished product.

Your wishes come true when you let us at Benjamin’s fulfill your custom linen projects. Give us a call today!

Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair Pompano BeachYou no longer have to part with your favorite pair of shoes… Benjamin’s in Pompano Beach will carefully restore your shoes with our shoe repair expertise and knowledge. Truly experts in the art of replacing heels and soles for both men’s and women’s footwear, you can rely on them to let you make the perfect fashion statement while you attend those every day functions as well as the formal events where your footwear completes your ensemble.

It is hard to part with your favorite shoes that have seen you through those life events with style and comfort. Benjamin’s can work wonders to put your shoes back to their original look and allow you to feel good about your shoes again. Heel replacement will put your shoes back in not only great style but in keeping your gait right and comfortable.

What can be more important than looking and feeling your best with shoes that say comfort? When you need to get into Benjamin’s for shoe repair, remember to take those other accessories that need attention. Our staff also prides itself on belt repair and handbag repair. If your goal is to enjoy more years of use with your favorite color purse, look to us to repair your handbag. You will be happy you did! Need your belt adjusted or repaired then simply bring it to us.

With all the skills our staff possess, it is easy to have your luggage repaired for that upcoming vacation. No job is too big or too small for this staff to accomplish and you will find you have an ease of mind in keeping your items ready for all the important events in your life.

Among the services at Benjamin’s, you will find the shoe repair, backpack repair, handbag repair, belt repair and luggage repair are just the tip of the iceberg. With the fine tailoring and other services offered at Benjamin’s, you will find your all-in-one shop at Benjamin’s in Pompano Beach!

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning Pompano BeachBusy world…time is everything, so why spend your time fussing with dry cleaning? At Benjamin’s we know how to clean (our environmentally eco-friendly Green is a safe cleaning process) and press your important garments to keep you looking your best.

At Benjamin’s in Pompano Beach our dry cleaning service makes it easy for you to look sharp and our pick-up and delivery service makes it easy for you to spend your time doing something that pleases you more than trips to the dry cleaners.

Image is important to you and we know it. Your dresses will be cleaned and pressed to perfection and your suits and ties will be done with an eye to every detail…you will have the immaculate look you need in your profession.

You can choose casual wear that isn’t limited to the washer when you know we will take care of your special fabrics. Many styles of ladies shorts and shorts for men are a wonderful blend of fibers that requires dry cleaning. Trousers and blazers are the perfect attire of today’s parties at the club. Trust our services to keep you in style on the golf course or at the races.

No matter where you go, let Benjamin’s provide the crisp look of your style. If you are concerned about going Green, Benjamin’s is the dry cleaning service to use. Time is valuable and when you depend upon us to get your suit, dress, slacks or silk blouse ready for your next event or appointment, you are making a wise decision.

Nobody does it better than us and we want you to give us a call so we can begin your pick-up service. Spend that extra time with a good book! Let us pamper you and deliver your items to you! Benjamin’s is the dry cleaning service in Pompano Beach.

Garment Preservation – Preserve your special garments, such as wedding gowns and occasional formal wear, with our expert preservation services.