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Alterations Pompano BeachWe provide alterations for men, women and children. Let us repair and/or mend your: original jean hems, formal wear, bathing suits, uniforms and any other garment in need of work. We also offer meticulous specialty repairs, including zippers. No job is too big or too small for our talented staff!

With the busy world we live in, you may not always have time to handle simple alterations for yourself, your family or your home…and that is when you can depend on our alteration services to give all the professional attention to your items that is needed for that perfect look. From clothing alterations and tailoring to custom home alterations such as decorative pillows and window treatments, our experienced staff knows how to repair your items and make them look like new.

There is no job too big or too small…Benjamin’s is the perfect place to bring your broken zipper, the hem that has come loose, or those buttons on your favorite leather coat that need to be sewn back on with a professional touch. Jeans that need hemming often cause your teen to turn into a monster, but the perfect measuring of the hems will make your kid look good among his or her friends.

Some alteration jobs may seem hopeless to our way of thinking, but Benjamin’s quality alterations are attainable with a quick trip to our Pompano Beach shop. Alterations at this shop means the finest tailoring to the most simple tasks such as button replacement. Our staff wants your new bathing suit to fit your figure and your party costume to bewitch your friends. These quality services are the promise at Benjamin’s!

Tailors and seamstresses at our shop in Pompano Beach always provide satisfaction and peace of mind for you when you rely on their craft. They not only custom fit your clothes as weight changes, but they can make your garment fit your lifestyle.

From buttons and zippers to a custom-fitted formal, at Benjamin’s we exceed your expectations with our fine art of tailoring and personal services which are qualities never forgotten at Benjamin’s.