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Tea with the Queen…

tea with the queen


You’ve exhausted the time and effort to prepare a lovely affair – the clock is ticking, and guests will arrive today. Tis’ time to set the table – the silver is polished…the china is out…the crystal is flawless….now, what napkin would the Queen use? – need you even ask this question?! Paper is never appropriate at a fine occasion….in fact – paper is only appropriate at a backyard picnic and even in that instance I can make the argument for the cloth napkin.
1) Cloth napkins dress up the event – beautiful napkins act as dressing to your table – just as you’ve invested in the perfect frock – think through your napkin choice – crisp, white linen – preferably monogrammed sets the tone.
2) Cloth napkins are green – talk about an au courant way to be eco-friendly – because this fine piece of tableware is not commonplace you can find exquisite – yet affordable ones at antique stores.
3) Looking for a craft – you can make your own. I learned this little trick from my mother-in-love – so simple, and this endeavor truly gives you the freedom to customize your look! Visit your local fabric store and ask for approximately 1 ½ yards of cotton fabric – make sure to prewash/preshrink – then you can measure out and cut four squares – find the fringe and pull around the edge until you have the width fringe you want around the edge. Incidentally – these make great housewarming gifts along with a wooden spoon and homemade cookies.
4) Napkin folding is a relatively simple art – employ the internet and a little practice and you’ll be making French pleats with the best of them. If the concept of a fold makes you panic – give yourself a break and whip out those napkin rings you never use – they’re fun and just taking up space in your sideboard!

Relax and welcome your guests to your charming soiree – be it casual backyard supper or a formal dinner party – the extra effort will not go unnoticed