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Uniform Alterations Pompano BeachUniforms are very seldom glamorous, but to insure they fit properly, let us tailor and hem those fashions…the one size should fit styles were created with very little attention to the everyday wearer.

We do the finest tailoring at Benjamin’s in Pompano Beach and even if the job is not a dream job, your uniform can fit like one when we are finished. We take expert care in uniform alterations.

Tailoring your work uniform can be the difference between hating to get ready for the job and dressing with confidence knowing you look fresh and sharp. People in the hospitality industry must wear uniforms and guests feel comfortable as soon as they see a neat and tidy staff.

From the uniforms that dress the front desk clerks to the perfectly hemmed skirts the servers wear, trust your uniforms to the tailors at Benjamin’s. They know that you care about you appearance! Benjamin’s staff will make you look your professional best with a uniform that fits. We have expertise in uniform alterations.

Taking up a hem or giving a custom fit to your uniform will be done professionally at Benjamin’s in Pompano Beach. Patches on school uniforms or military uniforms will be done perfectly…this is a service that means so much to lettermen and soldiers. We make it our business to serve you in the best possible way making your life easier just because you brought your sewing needs to our shop.

Your name badge on your uniform in the field of public service lets everyone you meet feel you are who you say you are and your job means their safety. You must look the part of the community professional in order to be credible and we intend to make you stand out.

Benjamin’s in Pompano Beach is a full service alterations shop with an expert seamstress or tailor to get your sewing needs done properly and on time!