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Scout Badges

Scout Badge sewing Pompano BeachWe work closely with Broward County Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to know the exact badge placement for the uniforms plus we offer a 50% year-round discount for sewing uniform patches and doing alterations. The scouts are proud of their badges and we take care in sewing them on to the uniforms so your scout is dressed perfectly.

Even scout leaders like the services at Benjamin’s because a custom fit for that leader uniform is important. Looking your best is Benjamin’s priority and accurate and speedy service will help you maintain your schedule.

Drop in the Benjamin’s in Pompano Beach today and receive the best alteration services in town for your Boy Scout and leader uniforms. Remember the Girl Scout in your family might need a tuck here or there in her uniform. Bring her to Benjamin’s.

Knowing all about the badge placement on the scout uniforms is part of our assurance to you that we will do every project well. Our staff is happy to give you the peace of mind you deserve! Busy parents can relax knowing that we will get the job well done.

Today’s parents with many school functions to attend and manage need that special break and Benjamin’s wants to give you a break. The year round discount of 50% is a huge plus financially and since your time is money, the discount counts for even more.

Every school year will bring new challenges for the parents of scouts in Pompano Beach. Talk to Benjamin’s about your Boy Scout’s or Girl Scout’s uniform tailoring and uniform patches. Benjamin’s is taking care of business and when your troop’s parents need a clue…tell them Benjamin’s is the place for uniform patches in Pompano Beach.