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Custom Linens


Did you know Benjamin’s offers Custom Linens! Benjamin’s is fully committed to making your home decor fashionable. Stop in for your custom order today!

Tablecloths, bath towels, table runners, pillows, throws, & more!

Proper Length of a tablecloths:

At a formal dinner the tablecloth overhang is luxurious and deep, approximately 10 to 15 inches, a drop that rests in the diner’s lap and is tucked under the table before the napkin is lifted.
When a formal dinner is served at a number of tables, usually folding tables with metal legs are rented, covered with tablecloths that extend to the floor.
Because the menu at a formal luncheon is lighter than a formal dinner, the overhang of the tablecloth is shorter.
At a formal tea, most of the guests stand, and the overhang of the tablecloth can be up to 18 inches deep.
In a hotel or private club, when tea is served from a folding table, the tablecloth hangs to the floor to conceal the metal legs.